Thursday, August 18, 2011

That's all He had to say

John 12:47-50
The Message (MSG)
 47-50"If anyone hears what I am saying and doesn't take it seriously, I don't reject him. I didn't come to reject the world; I came to save the world. But you need to know that whoever puts me off, refusing to take in what I'm saying, is willfully choosing rejection. The Word, the Word-made-flesh that I have spoken and that I am, that Word and no other is the last word. I'm not making any of this up on my own. The Father who sent me gave me orders, told me what to say and how to say it. And I know exactly what his command produces: real and eternal life. That's all I have to say. What the Father told me, I tell you."

I don't normally read from The Message translation but today wanted to reread what our pastor shared last night and decided to see how The Message said it. I was reminded in the above verses of how our God is so not dependent upon us but still chooses to bless us and show his favor to those who seek him. He came to save, not to condemn. He came to share love not to spread dissension. He came to fulfill that which the Father God had commanded him to do. And that's all he had to say!

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