Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make Room for Baby

Yes, we still have 18 weeks until due date, but since we have already purchased baby's crib, it is set up and in waiting. We found the crib in Dallas at BabyWorld (great store with great selection). We thought about the convertible bed which can become a day bed, then a twin, then even a full, but decided against it. This is just a standard crib but we love it. I have the furniture from my mom's room growing up that I am going to pair with the crib. We have work to do but still time! J did a great job getting the crib set up, he was as excited as me. As for the bedding, its on the bed too, in need of ironing and some additional add-ons for bows and what not, but its there. That is exciting too. We are having fun planning for our baby girl.
As the title says, we are making room for baby...especially me. For those of you who wanted belly pics, here you go. I am at 22 weeks now and feel like just over like the last 5 days, I've really started to look pregnant and not just chubby in the middle. I definitely don't feel very comfortable in my normal clothes and am thankful for the stretchy bands on maternity pants. I have always kinda dreaded wearing those, but they are actually quite surprisingly comfy.
I am feeling very blessed these days. I think I am constantly aware of God's blessings to me, but often lose sight and forget to be truly thankful. 1 John 3:1 says 'How great is the love that the Father has poured out on us, that we should be called the children of God! And that is what we are!' How great is that promise, that we are His children and everyday He pours out His love to us. The baby moves around a lot in side of me, which is probably the coolest feeling I've ever had. It makes me so excited about seeing her and holding her sweet little hand. Thank you for praying for us and we look forward to rejoicing and thanking God for the little miracle to come in February. He is good and I wish you all a great day!

22 Weeks

Monday, October 5, 2009

Traveling with Goats and Lambs...

The Titus County Fair has come and gone for another year. Jeffery faithfully served again as the goat and lamb committee superintendent for the livestock shows and sale. It was a fun-filled, busy, dusty, dirty week complete with plenty of delicious fried fair foods and wayyy overpriced lemonade! There were 21 goats in the show this year and only 7 lambs. All of the kids did a good job. I enjoy being J's assistant and getting to interact with lots of super kids. Never would have thought that I would be right there lining up FFA kids with their respective animals and sending them into the show ring...but life is funny that way...and oh so good.
At the conclusion of the Livestock Auction and Sale Saturday there were 15 goats and 4 lambs that were to be 'bought back' or in other words, sold to a person who will essentially send them in the way of a slaughter house sooner rather than later. I know...kinda sad. Anyhow, these animals had to be delivered to Oklahoma on Sunday and J and I got to make the delivery. So Saturday night these lucky 19 animals spent the night in our driveway, in the trailer obviously, awaiting the trip to Oklahoma. They were actually pretty quiet through the night. Some folks told us that they would probably cry all night, but I didn't hear much of that. We felt kinda bad because the trailer was pretty yucky after several hours of confinement in a small space, but we really had no option until we were able to unload. We left Sunday after Sunday School and headed to the farm of a nice man named Tamen in Colbert, OK with the animals in tow. It was a fun weekend. The livestock end of the fair is always a lot of work but always fun and I enjoy helping J and helping the kids out.

      A shot looking into the trailer Saturday night
We made it! Goats thinking about making
     the leap into their new home...for a while anyway
        Happy goats to be out of the trailer!!

Have a wonderful week.