Thursday, August 26, 2010

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So as of now, Emily has...

1. Two teeth! The first one came through last Thursday and then another followed quickly behind on Sunday. She has been a little fussy and snotty because of them (I am assuming). She has ran a low grade temperature too. Overall, she is doing well with the teething business so far. They are two sharp little teeth, thats for sure! Not looking forward to biting!

2. Enough hair to wear a bow or clip without a headband. This is a big deal to me since I was a complete 'baldy' until I was about 18 months old. Maybe I'll post a picture of that (if I can get one scanned in) to follow, just for laughs. I was thrilled to hear when Emily first arrived that she had a head full of hair and now it has grown long enough to hold a bow. She seems not to even notice one clipped on her head, which is nice, because she had learned to pull the headbands down and wear them as a necklace. I guess she was to make a fashion statement already!

Hard to believe how fast time flies by, but happy and blessed to report that my baby girl is doing great...God is good. Blessings to you and yours...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hello again!

I know, I has been forever since I have visited this thing called blogging! We have had a busy, wonderful summer and especially a busy month. My sister's precious baby girl Campbell was born on July 20! Yay! Emily had her 6 month birthday last how time flies! We have been enjoying lots of fun family time and trips back and forth to Keller to visit baby Campbell. Emily is doing great, she is extremely happy, mostly calm, a great sleeper, a GREAT eater (17 pounds proves that), and overall she is an incredible blessing.

I have been reminded and refreshed of how awesome the responsibility and privilege of being a mother really is. As I have said before, I never thought I'd be one to gush and gush about how quickly time flies and how the 'grow up so fast'. But how true that really is. Especially with my sweet new niece, who at only 4 weeks, is still so tiny and fragile and needs so much support still, it is hard to remember when E was that little and couldn't hold her head up, reach for things, laugh and smile at us, make good contact with us, etc. They grow and change daily and it is an honor to be able to watch and witness every minute of it. I am starting a Moms In Touch group for young moms in my church and in our community. If you are not familiar with MIT, I encourage you to visit the website to get the dish on it. ( The main focus of MIT is to pray, specifically and fervently for our children and schools. I know that Emily is far from school age at this point in her life, but how awesome that I can go ahead and start praying for her teachers, her schools, her friends, and her decisions later in life. MIT focuses on praying specific scriptures over our children. I can already tell that this will change my view of scripture and my own personal prayer life. I am so excited about this ministry. I have been praying and seeking ways to serve and to be more involved with other moms, and God has been faithful (as always) to answer.

My biggest prayer, even now, is that Emily will have a heart for the Lord and that Jeffery and I can be faithful and disciplined to model our love for Christ by the ways that we love her, serve her, and parent her. What a privelege to be a parent. We couldn't be more blessed...

Emily is...
-17 pounds
-eating solids 2-3 times daily (but still nursing too)
-smiling & laughing all the time
-rolling all over
-trying to crawl...just not quite
-sleeping from 8-5 pretty much every night then back to sleep til about 8 again
-figuring everything out, EVERYTHING goes in her mouth
-precious, precious, precious