Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year

   Has it really been over four months since I posted last? Yes, yes it has. Yikes! Where does time go these days? We have been keeping plenty busy with our precious girls and definitely enjoyed the holidays and Christmastime this year as Emily was more into it this year. She was very excited and intrigued with the many packages, those that were hers and everyone else's as well. It was a fun day for everybody. Annie is growing fast and becoming her own little self. She is a sweet baby, calm most of the time, and aside from a few little bumps in the road (a growth spurt I think), she is a good sleeper. As 2012 starts I'll give a little update on what my girls are up to these days...

-Loves ice cream (or to talk about it anyway...Any time we ask her where she is going, her response is aways 'I Keem')
-yogurt and cheese...probably her favorite foods
-Ducks or 'quack quacks'
-Mickey Mouse
-Pretend cleaning, cooking, driving her car, being a little cute
-She is potty-trained!! Yay. Pretty proud of her and that accomplishment. (She still wears a diaper at bedtime, but thats it!)
-Talking, Mocking, Jibbering, and figuring out how to put sentences together
-Yellow, everything is yellow
-KidFirst...she goes to 'school' on Thursdays and loves it
-Being a big sister...she loves her sister Annie 

-Milk...enough said
-Some solid foods, I've introduced bananas, apples, pears, peaches, squash, carrots, and peas. She prefers the fruit...the obvious choice since it's sweeter
-Baby-dog, her favorite toy
-Her paci
-Listening to music, mostly the 'Lullaby Radio' on Pandora-usually calms her down and she tunes in to it
-Laughing and watching big sister Emily
-Being held...of course that always calms her down too!

   Having two little girls so close together is fun, challenging, tiring, and above all, a blessing. They are sweet and love eachother which is all I could ask for. I look forward to this new year and watching them continue to grow and change daily! Emily will be 2 in just a few weeks. This is really hard to swallow and really amazing at the same time to see how she has become an incredible little girl. We continue to count our blessings and pray daily that God will teach us to love how he loves and parent how he desires us to. Jeffery and I celebrated our FIVE year anniversary on December 30. We look forward to many many many more!
   As you read this, I pray that your 2012 is full of blessings of God's peace, protection, and provision always. And that we all will acknowledge daily how great and mighty is our God. 

Here are a few pictures from our busy, wonderful Christmas 2011!

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