Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cool weather = Cool day at the park

The cooler weather has been a nice prompt to get outside more! The girls and I went to the park and had a great time on Monday. My mom was able to go along so two strollers wasn't too much to handle. We were able to walk for a quick exercise and then let Emily play on the playground. Annie loved it seen from the pictures below! 

I don't know when and how Emily got so big and so funny. She is a big girl and makes me laugh all the time. She is a joy and really had a fun time playing. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My girls

These are the precious faces that keep me busy! But we are having fun everyday figuring eachother out better and better. Annie Sarah is 3 weeks old already and starting to become her own sweet little person. She is in a pretty good routine now and sleeps good for me at night. Emily is doing great with her. Her aggressiveness has pretty much subsided. Praise the Lord! She loves her sister and even says 'Annie' a few times a day if I'm lucky and listening at just the right time. I am blessed, happy, and oh so thankful for my girls.

John 1:16 From the fullness of HIS grace we all receive blessing after blessing.